ferindu-mi privirea – looking away – leonard cohen

te uitai la mine
si nu mi-a dat prin minte niciodata
ca se putea sa fii pe cale de-a-ti alege
insusi barbatul vietii

te uitai la mine
peste sticle si peste cadavre
si fost-am din pacate sigur
ca te jucai cu mine

probabil crezi ca sunt un pic nebun
pasind in spatele ochilor tai
in cabina liftului – deschisa

astfel ca mi-am ferit privirea
si-am asteptat pana ce tu
ajuns-ai un palmier

poate o cioara

sau vastul cenusiu ocean
al vantului sau vastul sur ocean al mintii

priveste-ma acum: casatorit
cu toata lumea – in afara ta

extras din “Cartea aleanului”, L. Cohen, trad. Serban Foarta si Cristina Cheveresan, Ed. Polirom, 2006


you would look at me
and it never occured to me
that you might be choosing the man of your life

you would look at me
over the bottles and the corpses
and I thought
you must be playing with me

you must think I’m crazy enough
to step behind your eyes
into the open elevator shaft

so I looked away
and I waited
until you became a palm tree

or a crow

or the vast grey ocean of wind
or the vast grey ocean of mind

now look at me
married to everyone but you

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